Memories at The Apollo 

 The Apollo theatre was a fixture in my home town of Springdale when I was growing up and my first and best picture show memories were at the Apollo.   I was raised in the 50’s and remember me and my best buddy (Jim Jackson) went to the movies almost every Saturday afternoon.   At that time you could get into the movie and get popcorn and a coke for a mere 25 cents,  As I remember most of the Saturday shows were always westerns and we got to see all of the greats,  John Wayne, Randolph Scott,  Chill Wills,  Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and many more.   Going to the movie at that time always included a movietone news reel and of course a cartoon.   Since we had no TV at my house this was my only contact with cartoons other than comic books.
    We always rode our bikes or walked to the movies,  I think it was only 5 or 6 blocks from my house,   we would generally have to wait in line to get in,  because all of the kids in town were there!  Once in the lobby we were always greeted with the nude statue of Apollo ,  pretty racey stuff for a boy of 8 or 9,  I’m sure most of the time we giggled.   Then to the concession stand and then into the movies,  we generally set on the same side and probably the same row.  It was a fun place to go ,  those were the good ole days,  when you could leave your bike outside with no worries of it being stolen and your parents could be at ease knowing you were safe!
– Randy Smith




Noticing The Apollo 

“For 21 years I have ridden, walked and driven down Emma Avenue…never noticing the Apollo Theater.  This year, the historic building was abandoned and condemned.

I have been gone the past three years attending Ouachita Baptist University. This summer, I came home to my family and a new addition…… “The Apollo On Emma.”


After learning of the purchase made by my Dad, Tom, and his good friend Brian Moore, I began to read and learn about the theater. Not only did I strive to learn the history but also what this historical landmark meant to the people of Springdale.


Then…after 21 years…I noticed it. It is a house of memories. Memories of first kisses and the first movie some people had ever seen. It was the home of Pickles and .25 popcorn. It was more than a building; it is a home to memories and the heritage of Springdale.


I am proud of Brian and my Dad for tackling this project so The Apollo On Emma won’t be lost to generations. It is time for a new generation to begin making memories at The Apollo on Emma; and this time I will be there.



 “I am so proud of Tom & Brian for their efforts in saving the theater.  I remember when it was first opened.  It was so impressive with lots of lights in the outside entry, lots of red inside and that marble statue of Apollo standing in the lobby.  My husband and I  had many movie dates there.”

         – Nettie Everett